Thank you for visiting one of the sites built and/or maintained by New Age Web Marketing.

Rather than linking that site directly to our main New Age Web Marketing web site, we have linked it here to Do It Yourself Web Marketing for the simple reason that we are not actively seeking new clients as we are already quite busy and have become very selective in taking on new clients.

However, since so many people want to achieve top search engine rankings, (like the site you just visited), we have built this site. It was inspired by clients that wanted to do some of their web site promotion work themselves, or by those would be clients that had more free time than money and decided to tackle the job themselves.

At New Age Web Marketing, we use honest and effective methods to get our clients listed at the top of the popular search engines; including Google, MSN, Yahoo and more.

Some of our clients call what we do "Magic," but really it's not. Fact is, most people with the time, patience and dedication can get top rankings for their web sites as well.

This site is still very much under construction, but it is beginning to feature lots of great resources, including; SEO articles, newsletters, ebooks, search engine news, pay per click information, research tools and more to help you promote your web site yourself and achieve top rankings... just like the professionals!

In the meantime, please take a look at the pages we currently have. Fresh content is being added several times a week.